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Powell: Rhode Island Education Commissioner Should Resign


Powell Calls for Infante-Green’s Resignation, Encourages Creative Education Reform

Candidate for RI State Senate District 1 Pushes

“Pro-Parent, Pro-Student” Education Agenda

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND (October 12, 2023) – Niyoka Powell, candidate for Rhode Island State Senate District 1 in the November 7 special election, today called for the resignation of Rhode Island Education Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green.

“Infante-Green deserves an ‘F’ on her Education Commissioner report card,” said Powell. “By every metric, her tenure has been an abject failure. Test scores, student absenteeism, teacher attrition, graduation rates – all remain in rough shape, particularly in Providence, where she has special oversight.”

Powell also drew attention to credible accusations of corruption, cronyism, and mismanagement by Infante-Green. These allegations have been widely covered by the press.

“Providence school board members are begging for investigations by state and federal law enforcement into her shady conduct,” said Powell. “Even the mayor of Providence has expressed concern about potential illegality. We need accountability and we need it now.”

Powell pressed for a replacement who would advance a “pro-parent, pro-student” agenda.

“We need real education reform,” said Powell. “Such reform requires a bold and creative Education Commissioner who isn’t beholden to the unions, but instead puts students first. Enough of the fancy programs. Enough of the woke indoctrination. Let’s get someone who prioritizes the basics: reading, writing, math, civics. Let’s get someone who appreciates the value of vocational training. Let’s get someone who understands that moms and dads are stakeholders, and who will empower them to pursue alternatives to traditional public school as necessary.”

Powell asked her opponent in the race to likewise demand Infante-Green’s resignation.

“This is his opportunity to prove that he isn’t a cog in the Democrat machine,” said Powell. “Regrettably, I’m not expecting that he’ll do the right thing. Which is too bad, because the status quo is broken – and the children of District 1, the children of Rhode Island, are paying the high price of bureaucratic dysfunction.”

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