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From combating gentrification and tackling the opioid crisis to ensuring accessible occupations and empowering parents through school choice, Niyoka Powell has policies that work for working families.
Making Family Affordable

Raising a family in Rhode Island is too expensive. Powell wants to address soaring utility costs, expand the sales tax exemption to include basic family items like car seats and highchairs, and allocate existing public funds to support working parents who do not otherwise qualify for assistance programs.

Putting Education in Parents' Hands

A good education sets up a child for lifelong success. Powell wants to empower parents to send their children to the right school, and to recognize moms and dads as critical stakeholders in the educational process.

Building a 21st Century Economy

Rhode Island led the industrial revolution; it should lead the digital revolution, too. Powell advocates cooperation between trade schools, employers, and government agencies to establish high-tech apprenticeship opportunities and draw cutting-edge knowledge economy businesses to Rhode Island.

Keeping Communities Safe

Neighborhoods are safest when the residents trust the police and the police understand the residents. Powell opposes demonizing and defunding the police. She supports smart community policing, which is proven to drive down crime and build good relations between the  citizens and the brave men and women who look out for their good.



Gentrification is a problem.  Uncontrolled development threatens to price people out of their homes and change the character of neighborhoods. Powell seeks to preserve and expand the stock of affordable dwellings through zoning reform, tax incentives, and public-private initiatives. 

Ensuring Accessible Occupations

There are too many unnecessary barriers to well-paying professions. Powell supports revising burdensome licensing requirements and nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship, business formation, and skills-development.

Fixing Healthcare

Our healthcare system is sick. Powell wants to prioritize comprehensive whole-person preventative healthcare and address staffing shortages at our state’s hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities through retention tax credits and other targeted public-private interventions. 

Tackling the Opioid Crisis

Opioids are killing people, destroying families, and destabilizing communities. Powell demands tough penalties for pushers of opioids, especially fentanyl.  She also appreciates the need for policies that would re-integrate recovering users into the economy and society.

Defending Traditional Values

The values that made Rhode Island and America great are under threat. Powell stands for personal responsibility, the dignity of every human life, the social importance of our churches, mosques, and synagogues, and the role of the family as the bedrock of society.

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